Freelance Editorial Content by Len Wilcox

My best subjects are agriculture, desert travel, and southwestern issues.  I’ve covered Agriculture as a freelancer since the 1980’s with regular features in California Farmer. In the last year, I’ve written several features for West Coast Nut and another half-dozen for Citrus Industry.

Presently, biggest project is a weekly 350 word, 2.5 minute commentary for Farm City Newsday and Ag radio stations. I’ve been at it for three years.

I’ve written/photographed articles for dozens of online and print media publications, and wrote/photographed Desert Dancing, a travel journal published by Hunter in 2000.

I live on a small hobby farm east of Clovis, California.

Staff positions:
Former publisher/editor, The Ranchos News
Former contributing editor, California Heartland Magazine
Former photojournalist and reporter, Madera Tribune
Editor, Dally Press

Previously, I’ve sold articles to print media publications including Inc, California Farmer, Fresno Bee, Route 66, and Applied Industrial Hygiene; and on websites such as DesertUSA, Death Valley Gold, and others.

Here’s a partial list of published articles.

Stock photos sold for editorial and advertising on Alamy.

My book, Desert Dancing, is a travel journal that explores the land and the history of the Mojave and Colorado deserts, published by Hunter Publishing, 2000.

Editorial and Advertising Photography
My photos have been used in magazines, books, web articles, and newspapers. Some have been used for advertising on billboards, print media, and web pages. Most photos are rights-managed.

General subjects: Central Callifornia travel, agriculture, Eastern Sierras, Mojave desert, and central coast/San Francisco. Email me for a current list or a specific request.

to contact:
Email me at

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